About Us

Who We Are?

We are representative agents of Italian furniture companies and have been operating in the British market for more than twenty years.
All through the years, we have been able to anticipate the trends of a dynamical and unique market, such as the British one, and to foresee the changes which today are clear to everybody.

Together with the companies we represent, we can constantly guarantee Selection, Competence and Proximity, all of which is confirmed by our mark.

This is the strategy that has helped us today to proudly represent some of the best Italian companies of the world furniture market, both for their image and for their quality.

Our Philosophy


  • Analysis of customer and consumer problems.
  • Attention to evolutions and new trends.
  • The questions we want answers to.

To Constantly Grant You


  • The search of suitable quality standards.
  • Highly saleable products.
  • Lining up to our customer’s target.


  • Experience in furniture production and manufacturing.
  • Frequent trainings for our customers.
  • Planning of showroom areas and support before the sale.


  • To the suppliers and to our customers
  • Support and guarantees after sales
  • Logistic proposals

In brief, this is what is contained in the “Selected by Schiatti” mark and what we have been guaranteeing for 10 years.

The Market

The furniture market is now distinguishable for some important peculiar features:

  • Oversupply causes a big number of operators;
  • The change in perception of furniture: from investment goods to disposable goods;
  • Poorly representation in new proposals which are often non co-ordinated and without any minimum quality standards.
  • Reduction of technical competence in the furniture business.
  • Trends influencing furniture evolution.
  • Increase of showroom areas.

A Market, which continually evolves, strongly expandes and constantly changes in its structure.

… we no longer buy furniture to suit our homes. Instead we buy furniture to suit our wardrobe! …Alfio Schiatti

It is our task to find the solutions to all these changes!

  • what products are suitable to our customers?
  • what and how may I exploit my showroom areas?
  • what’s selling well now and what will be selling better tomorrow?
  • considering my customers, what is the connection quality/price I can target
  • what companies grant me quality, turnover and service?

These are the questions we always want to assure you we can answer.


You can often hear from representative agents:

the more companies we represent the more turnover we achieve

Do you agree? We certaily do not!

We strongly believe the exact opposite. We think that Schiatti Soluzioni per chi arreda, must offer you a selection of suppliers and products properly aimed at your needs, at your clients and be able to find those solutions which will maximize your showroom areas and yield turnover.

A “Selected by Schiatti” company distinguishes itself by:

  • High and constant quality standards;
  • Tested saleable products and high rotation;
  • Matching with fashion trends and targets.
  • Advertisement support.
  • Communication material in-store and supporting literature ( catalogues, price-lists, fabric/finish samples)
  • Guaranteed and proven assistance after sales service.

Please do contact us straight away and fill-in our form, indicating what field you are mostly interested in.


Today’s customer can be confused by any excess of product on offer, which is getting evermore varied and complex; he is looking for confirmation and support in his choices and is therefore looking for competent suppliers.

Competence is achieved only on site and after the every day will to learn and improve.

Furniture has been part of our history for four generations and Alberto Schiatti, after operating in his family business, has started the job of representative agent in the UK market for Italian companies.

Competence is given by the union between our history and our marketing and communication knowledge. You will be able to benefit from this, in the following ways:

  • training for your salesmen in your showrooms;
  • trips to Italy to all companies “Selected by Schiatti”
  • analysis of your display areas and showroom proposals.

Please do contact us straight away and fill-in our form, indicating what field you are mostly interested in.


This is the word that we believe makes all the difference; proximity to you and at the same time to the companies we represent.

A word which does not only express an idea but which is also achieved in concrete facts.

Just consider that our head-office is in Brianza, in the heart of Italian quality production area and therefore we can guarantee our presence in any of the companies we represent.

At the same time, we offer the constant presence of Alberto Schiatti and his co-operators in your market, not only a physical but also an organisational presence. This allows us to have a prompt and deep analysis of any problems or claims, with immediate solutions.

In short, our presence in both Italy and the UK, allows us to offer you:

  • Presence in 30 minutes in any of the companies “Selected by Schiatti”
  • Reply to each enquiry within 24 hours
  • Fabric/finish samples sent to you or to your end customers
  • Assistance and control for special orders or those of particular importance
  • Solutions for orders to be delivered outside Great Britain

All the above, in order to make sure that the transaction is done correctly and no delays are incurred.
Please do contact us straight away and fill-in our form, indicating what field you are mostly interested in.

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