Our Works


BettyBellù is a collection of recent paintings that explore feminine world and the sensibility of the two artists. Anna and Betty started their “journey” working together with four hands on the same canvases more than one year ago; mixing together technique and fantasy. (Anna more attracted from watercolour works and Betty from the street art). In the first paintings stood out primarily a strong taste for aesthetics: women dresses, accessorizes and everyday objects. During the last time, with the new works, it is easily visible a change of style, bringing especially a new sensuality to human feminine body and care faces of young women, using an original skill. The works of BettyBellù are created using spatula and a mixture of acrylic, ash and glue or a blend of old tools, iron objects, wood, steel, to produce a strong material effect and to identify the two artists in the new green and eco-friendly trends.