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For over half a century we have been handling a daily object used the world over, above all never banal: the chair.
Our company was set up in 1959 by Silvano Montina who at once left his mark by imposing the principles stiil representing our activity: quality of materials,
care for both the product in all its details, and customers’ requirements. As years unfolded we grew – with our products, people and no ordinary a family story. It is just thanks to our generational continuity that we managed – starting in the ‘90s – to propose our collections to the market, both domestic and international, while consolidating our brand name’s reputation. Our creations exhude functionality, as well as design, comfort – but even endurance, during severe tests, aimed at meeting our customers’ requirements in the contract and residential sectors.
Every year, as we adopt new models, we wish to confirm a continuous evolution, rooted in the past, which makes itself known in the present, and is projected into the future. By combining technique and aesthetics, we contribute to making the areas where we spend our lives, those of hospitality and the workplace, more beautiful, rational and welcoming. We put forth our Italian soul – exclusively 100% Italian-made – by exporting it successfully the world over.

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Via delle Scuole 30, 33044 Manzano (UD) – Italy
+39 0432 743147