It’s time to catch up with great news

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Over the summer and recent months there’s been a great deal happening with
the brands Schiatti represents in the UK.
A selection of brands represented by Schiatti are a leading feature in a
publication from one of the UK’s most prestigious retailers, whilst other brands
have been exhibiting at notable international furniture events – and there are
more exciting exhibitions to come.
Please see the rest of this e-newsletter for further information and we hope that
like us, you’re looking forward to what other exciting developments the rest of
2014 will bring.
Up-to-the-minute information about the brands represented by Schiatti can be
found at

New retail displays to engage customers

Alberto SchiattiNews

The first half of 2014 has seen the installation of some new and very exciting
furniture displays in a number of leading UK stores, and with very good reason.
There is nothing quite like the opportunity for prospective customers to see and
touch the physical quality of a product. There is notable market research to
suggest that the tactile sensations experienced by customers can have a very
positive effect, creating a symbolic psychological ownership of a product and
driving a must-have acquisition, especially in respect of high-value purchases.


Harrods Staff Training

Alberto SchiattiNews

From Tuesday 8th to Thursday 10th October Schiatti played host to seven sales assisstants from Harrods who’d arrived for a training, and to learn a little about how we operate here in the Brianza area- the heart of Italian quality furniture production.